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Change occurs rapidly in the modern age, where entrepreneurship and innovation are the main motivating factors in the development of businesses within the global economy. This market dynamic challenges all of us to produce creative solutions and develop pioneering products and state-of-the-art technology that can break out of the local arena and bring new developments to the global stage.


The business world is teeming with creative companies that have vision and daring in addition to new technologies that are blazing new trails. Naturally, these companies are interested in further developing their new products and marketing them around the world. Accomplishing this requires knowledge, connections, and access to precisely the right companies or investors that can help to take them to the next step.


The mission of E&O Initiation and Management is to create partnerships with leading companies in the fields of medical and clean technology, and to guide them throughout the development of their business. E&O does this by making available the extensive professional and administrative knowledge of its management team, including global business experience, in-depth understanding of the fields, an extensive network of connections, and the ability to raise capital.


Through advanced business development, identifying opportunities, intelligent marketing, and global business connections, E&O Initiation and Management is able to lead innovative companies, with new technologies and state-of-the-art products, to international success by developing their business and creating positive opportunities for them.


E&O specializes in innovative companies with products that meet the following criteria:


- Unique, protected by strong proprietary rights

- Target market of business clients, B2B

- Being sold in the local market, having completed the development stage

- Appropriate for marketing and sales in both the local and global markets


E&O is a member of the Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute: www.export.gov.il







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