A.B.Dental - Superior Implant Technology


A. B. Dental is a unique international company that develops, manufactures, and markets dental implants and mouth rehabilitation accessories for clients around the world. The company's goal is to develop, manufacture, and market "smart" dental products for its customers.


A. B. Dental focuses on implants with an internal hexagon shape, for one-step and two-step implant methods. In recent years, the variety of available implants has expanded to include single-unit implants, which come as a single mass with a structure ready for immediate insertion.


The company recently launched a registered patented implant with a double platform – deep and level – which enables choices to be made at a later date in the rehabilitation process, if necessary, as well as for prosthetics, which can be screwed onto the implant, even at extreme angles.


A. B. Dental's products undergo advanced technological processes and quality monitoring, and the company also supplies implants, prosthetics, and all the accessories required for oral surgery and implants.


A. B. Dental's reputation has grown steadily over the last 20 years – the result of planning a line of products for dental implants based on new medical studies, as well as the use of the finest materials, which are produced in accordance with the highest possible standards, and service tailored to the needs of the client. Many of the company's most innovative products were developed specifically to meet the needs of their clients.



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