Water Purification and Disinfection

Atlantuim - Illuminating Water Technologies


Atlantium has a unique technology for the treatment and purification of water using advanced UV technology – HOD (Hydro-Optic Disinfection™ solutions). The company has succeeded in overcoming the main obstacle to using UV systems by combining optical and hydraulic systems in a unique manner.


Atlantium is an Israeli company which holds a registered patent and has more than 300 installations around the world, performed in accordance with the validation regulations of the American EPA.

In the municipal sector, their prime customer is Mekorot, Israel's national water company. In the field of food and beverages, their major customer is Coca-Cola, with more than 60 systems installed around the world. In addition, they provide systems for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Pfizer, aquaculture, and swimming pools.


At the core of the HOD technology is a large-scale quartz pipe which traps the rays of light and reflects them in order to pursue bacteria, time and time again. This effect is called TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION, and it enables the light to travel down especially long passages, for the entire length of the reactor. Combined with the precise hydraulic planning for the length of the reactor's disinfection chamber, this creates a situation in which the bacteria are exposed to an equal amount of intense UV – the key to guaranteeing high quality disinfection. This creates a condition where nothing can interfere with the quality of the process throughout the disinfection area. 


UV has an absolute advantage over chlorine as a disinfectant, as surface water parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia are much more vulnerable to UV than they are to chlorine.


The HOD – HYDRO OPTIC DISINFECTION system is a revolutionary product from the laboratories of Atlantium technologies, representing a huge leap forward in the field of UV disinfection. The system includes technological innovations to benefit the user, and overcomes a number of large obstacles that had been present in UV solutions until now:


- Guarantee of efficiency

- Guarantee of reliability

- Control over quantity of exposure to light

- Tracking of changes in the system


The technology and the configuration of the hydro-optic system make it possible for the user to achieve and preserve the fixed level of neutralization of bacteria (removing their ability to act or multiply) that is required, something which had never been possible to achieve before now.


Areas in which the technology operates:

- Drinking water - in municipal systems

- Food and beverage manufacturers

- Pharmaceutical companies

- Aquaculture - fish breeding pools

- Wastewater purification


Corporate website: www.atlantium.com