Digital crowns

Fusion - One Scanner! One Software! One Technology


In an era of technology and digital progress, FUSION provides dentists with an innovative, precise, and rapid solution. FUSION is at the forefront of a worldwide revolution in the production of dental crowns, from scanning models and imprints, through the process of precise digital creation. FUSION makes it possible for the dentist to receive a perfect product with the maximum level of precision, and at a speed unmatched by any other process.


LASER FUSING is a new and advanced development that enables the rapid, accurate creation and completion of complex structures making use of laser technology.


How does the technology work?

A laser source, controlled and monitored by a dedicated program, projects a tiny beam onto a small mound of metallic powder. The beam is precisely focused on the surface of the metallic powder by an advanced optical system. In the FUSION process the powder is molten and combined until a solid homogenous mass is created, precisely as it appears in the three dimensional CAD model created by the medical technician. The direct transition from powder to the final structure prevents contamination of any kind whatsoever (e.g., charcoal, or contaminated drilling). Additional security for the patient is achieved by virtue of the fact that, with this advanced technology, the metal used to create the structure will always be new.


It is also useful to note that the internal structure of the crown has been subjected to numerous tests, analyses, and studies. The vast majority of these studies have shown that the structure created by LASER FUSING guarantees that the crown will have optimal adhesion.


FUSION uses materials and powders that have been meticulously researched for similar uses, and the entire process takes place in a controlled environment, which prevents any possibility of oxidization.



- Consistent, stable precision

- Exclusive use of new metal

- Computerized process

- None of the problems characteristic of the wax mold technique

- No waste that needs to be disposed

- No pores or flaws


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