Measuring Water Usage

MTR - Smart Grid Systems & Solutions


MTR develops and markets bi-directional wireless communication systems, which make remote reading of water meters possible, as well as command and control of the opening and closing of valves from a distance for the private consumer sector, as well as for municipalities and water companies.


MTR’s innovative technology enables the immediate location of leaks in water distribution lines at any time – not just during periodic inspections.


Identification and location of leaks at will makes it possible to offer a new service to private users, as well as water companies, leading to significant savings in precious water. Making use of MTR's technology also leads to significant savings in the manpower required to operate a municipal water system.


Every meter becomes a relay, which enables radio coverage/reception of the entire coverage area.


The sensitivity of the MTR technology guarantees:

- Precise and accurate customer billing

- Ability to bill customers for low usage

- Identification and location of very small leaks - 10 liters per hour


This technology leads the field in creating efficient solutions, enabling municipalities to both save a precious resource (water) and provide quality service to residents and businesses.



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