Treatment and Purification of Drinking Water

MicroDrop Aqua - Naturar's Way to Pure, Tasty Water


A Danish company that holds several registered patents for green technologies in the field of water treatment and the purification of drinking water. This unique technology makes it possible to transform water from many sources (river, stream, groundwater) into suitable drinking water that meets the stringent European standards (EU standard), and the most up-to-date requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).


MicroDrop Aqua's technology uses a minimal amount of energy and requires only minimal maintenance, which leads to a high level of effectiveness. They can even be operated using solar cells or by making use of wind power. As part of the treatment process, the water is injected into the system, and the drops of water are divided as many as 80 times, ensuring especially effective oxidization of 95-98%. This entire process occurs in a closed, compact, and modular device, without the use of chemicals.


The company has registered a patent for a unique, environmentally-friendly process that reduces arsenic levels in water. Arsenic is an especially poisonous metallic base, which can cause several severe diseases, cancer, and even death.


This technology has been tested over the last two years in Danish water treatment plants, with a high success rate. As a result, the company is on the verge of breaking out and is expanding their business activities to include operations around the world.


MicroDrop Aqua's technology can be used to treat drinking water sourced from groundwater, streams, and rivers.



- No use of chemicals

- Small footprint

- Minimal energy requirements


Processes used by the technology:

- Effective oxidization (95-98%) as a pre-treatment process

- Degasification - aggressive CO2 (carbon dioxide), H2S (sulfides)

- Separation of heavy metals and many toxins, including iron, arsenic, and magnesium


Structure of the system:

- Systems used by large municipal water facilities

- Portable systems for rural / outlying areas (without connection to the water infrastructure)



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