E&O offers its clients a diverse array of business services, individually matched to the specific needs of the client. The services are offered based on practical, multidisciplinary, and international experience applied across a wide range of fields.


Our Services Include:
- Business and marketing development

- Identification and prioritization of target markets

- Defining the optimal penetration point of target markets

- Creating business connections and deals with strategic partners

- Link-ups with quality partners in the target markets

- Identifying and locating market needs to focus the ongoing development of the product/technology

- Information on market trends

- Creating a marketing plan


Raising Capital

- Creating a business plan that will maximize the value of the company

- Preparing supplementary material for presentations to potential investors

  (PowerPoint presentations, "Investors' Page" one-pager)

- Participating in presentations to potential investors

- Access to our pool of investors


Under the umbrella of services E&O offers, we make use of the professional knowledge of experts from the circle of supplementary advisors the company maintains, including experts in marketing, advertising, economics, and legal issues.


Our ability and broad experience, together with additional top-quality professionals, allow companies that join us to benefit from a comprehensive range of business services of the highest level.


As our business partner you will benefit from an array of services specially matched to your precise requirements.

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