Treatment of Wastewater

Waterneer - Mobile Water Cleaning Plant


A Swedish company that owns unique technologies and holds a patent based on an innovative, award-winning French invention. This technology uses a continuous process to separate contaminants from dirty water at a rate of up to 500 cubic meters per hour.


The treatment includes mechanical and chemical treatment of contaminated water, and can be used to treat municipal and industrial wastewater, as well as to treat and recycle water from mines, including separation of metals, and can be used as a supplement in cleaning wastewater and waste from large water sources, such as rivers and lakes.


The salient advantage of the technology is the system's ease of operation, as well as its portability. The system is delivered on the trailer of a truck, or in a portable container, with no need to construct additional housing ,engineering, or civil works. Operation and availability of the system is immediate.


This technology is characterized by:

- Extremely high capacity (500 cubic meters / hour)

- Small footprint

- Portability

- Low energy usage


Fields in which the technology is effective:

- Industrial waste collection ponds - paper/food/pharmaceuticals

- Polluted rivers, streams, and canals

- Polluted river ports (fresh water)

- Treatment of water from mines

- Different kinds of separation of water and solids (clay)


Structure of the system:

- System built into a container - no need for construction

- Portable system - can be transported to treat pollution at various sites



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